What is Pawn?? Pawn is a short term Collateral Loan where we give you cash for an item of value and you have a term of 30 to 60 days to redeem the item for what you borrowed plus a fee. You can just pay the monthly fee and continue the loan. If you choose not to repay the loan or at least the fee, the item is ours to sell. Pawn loans tend to be higher rates then bank lending but for smaller amounts. Please know that Pawn loans are intended to be short term and financially it is not in your best interest to just pay the fee and roll over the loan for longer terms.
Rates for Pawn.

Typically the rate is 20% per month. We also offer a break for the first week on loans of $50.00 and higher. The break is half interest as long as you pay with cash. 

Here is an expample of the rate for a $100.00 Pawn Loan.

One Week:    $10.00
One Month:   $20.00
Two Months: $40.00

*(loans are writen for one month at a time. We hold all loans for a maximum of 30 days past the due date before defaulting the merchindise)
*(Loans can only be paid on with Cash or Debit. No Credit Cards or Checks)