At A Nickels Worth we are not known for our Antiques but that doesn't mean we don't buy them or even sell them when we get a chance. Below is a sample of our Antiques. check back as we will add more to this page as we can.
Film Projector
Fish Vase
tobacco Cans
Union Leader
$10.00 each
Lamp Shade
Bent Blue
Stag Stained Glass
1930's vintage
Jim Beam
Poodle Decanter
Still Full
Never Opened
(must be 21 or older)
Jim Beam
Hunting Decanter
In Box
Still Full
(must be 21 or older)
Structo Toy Company
4 Peice Vintage
Army Engineer Set
Circa 1960's
Dump Truck
Bull dozer
Crosscut Saw
Only Has 1 handle
Italian made
Student Accordian
in Leather Case
1/16 Scale
International Tractor
with Hay Wagon,
Four Bottom Plow
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